Click Millionaires:  Work Less, Live More with an Internet Lifestyle Business You Love



I wrote it to help YOU get finally get YOUR share of the Internet Business Revolution that is happening all around you. 

Click Millionaires is your award-winning guide to career liberation, financial independence, and the increased satisfaction that comes from finally doing the work you were born to do.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurship - The #1 How-To Guide!


The American Dream is no longer the “corner office.” It’s a successful business you run from your home office, the beach, or wherever you desire.

It’s all about designing the lifestyle you want--one that allows you the freedom and income to live the life you long for. Today the Internet makes it possible for you.

In Click Millionaires, Internet millionaire e-commerce expert Scott Fox teaches you how to launch an online lifestyle business—with little or no start-up capital or technical expertise—and trade the 9–5 job you hate for a business you love.

A "Community Choice" Award Winner in the Small Business Book Awards!

A "Community Choice" Award Winner in the Small Business Book Awards!

An inspiring and practical guide

Click Millionaires shows you how to stop dreaming of a better life and start living it, the book features success stories of dozens of “regular folks” who have redesigned their lives to become Click Millionaires, including:

  • Kristin – who makes a fun living blogging from a beautiful vineyard in the south of France
  • Al – who uses the industry expertise from his previous job to publish a daily newsletter that’s more popular than his former employer’s
  • Ann – whose multi-level marketing success online has made millions and helped her husband and son quit their jobs to work with her from home
  • Giancarlo - who founded an amazingly easy-to-start online business with no products of his own – and before he even graduated from college

And many, many more lifestyle entrepreneur success stories whose stories will motivate you to find your own success online.

Click Millionaires shows you how to upgrade your life and Your career.

This lifestyle business guide uses simple language to explain how to combine automated online marketing, expert positioning, and outsourcing to build a lucrative Internet business, all while working less and setting your own hours.

From blogs, YouTube, and online communities to downloadable information products, affiliate marketing, and even freelancing, the book makes it easy to choose an online business model and get started.

Learn how to do the work you were born to do instead of working a job you don’t enjoy just to pay your bills.  

Click Millionaires reveals how you can stop dreaming of a better life…and start living it!

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Reviews for Click Millionaires are great!

 "Click Millionaires is a great guide for entrepreneurs to the exciting ‘lifestyle business’ opportunities of the new Internet economy.  It will help you profit from the Internet business revolution!"
- Marc Ostrofsky, bestselling Author of Get Rich Click!


"Today is the Age of the Entrepreneur. It's time to take back responsibility for your income and your future. Scott Fox's Click Millionaires offers you a guide book on how you, too, can build a business… and a life you love."
- Darren Hardy, Publisher, SUCCESS magazine


Click Millionaires opens your mind to the incredible possibilities of business development and financial success that are at your fingertips this very moment.”
- Brian Tracy, Author of Earn What You’re Really Worth and Full Engagement!


“With the Internet dominating the free marketplace, there are ways for regular folks to make money from the phenomenon.  Scott Fox lays it all out in Click Millionaires, an easy-to-understand entrepreneur’s roadmap.”
- Bill O’Reilly, Anchor, Fox News Channel


“For the modern entrepreneur, Click Millionaires will be your guide to freedom and success.  From perspective to practice, Scott Fox offers takeaway value on every page. Think of this book as the key that unlocks the black box called ‘The Internet’ for your business.” 
- Tim Sanders, former CSO at Yahoo! and Author of Love Is The Killer App 


“Want to redesign your life and career around your passions instead of making your boss rich?  Read Scott Fox’s Click Millionaires for first-rate advice on how to monetize your interests online with an Internet lifestyle business of your own.” 
- Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of The Attractor Factor

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