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New Startup Niche Identification Checklist

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 An expanded version of the Checklist in the Click Millionaires book, the 30+ categories on this Checklist give you the same tools I use myself when evaluating new Click Millionaire Internet lifestyle business ideas!   You can use it to rank and compare different ideas you're considering as your next venture.


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A SUCCESS Classics reprint featuring famous articles by Orson Swett Marden (founder of SUCCESS in 1897), Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Earl Nightingale, and others.  This priceless advice will educate and motivate you to further success (online or off!).


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The full-length MP3 recordings of my exclusive interviews with THREE of the inspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs profiled in the Click Millionaires book.  


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As a reader of my books, you get a special, extra l-o-n-g Free Trial of my private coaching forum. 

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