How to Work with Scott Fox

Thanks very much for your interest in working with me on your startup.

I’d love to work with you!

I love startups so much that I spend most of my time helping entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems around the world.

Unfortunately, this means I generally do not have time left to talk privately to everyone who wants to connect with me…

Scott Fox Startup Consulting Services

Here are the best ways to connect:

Events: If you are in the Orange County, California area you can easily find me at local OC startup events. I organize, host, or judge some every month. I'm always happy to meet and chat F2F at these events - that's why I go!

If that sounds like you, please visit the OC Startup Council, the Orange County startup events calendar, or the MasterMinds Startup Accelerator Workshops pages for more details.

My Books: I have written 3 best-selling books about entrepreneurship - all are available on in multiple formats and languages:

Online: If you'd like to listen to podcasts or watch startup business videos advice from me, I've worked hard for 15+ years to create resources to help accelerate the success of early stage entrepreneurs. Please check out:

Personalized Startup Strategy & Fundraising Consulting

If you'd like more personalized advice for your startup, I apologize in advance but I give away as much of my expertise as I can at all the events I attend and organize (see above). I'm happy to help your new venture, too, but to maintain control of my schedule I don’t usually do coffee meetings, “pick your brain” phone calls, or casual reviews of investment decks.

  • Startup Founder Private Coaching Calls: If you’re ready to really talk business and may be serious about working together, sign up here for a Private Coaching Call with me. For $300 you’ll get one hour of full access to discuss whatever you’d like. I’ll help you as much as I can to help accelerate your fundraising, business strategy, marketing, product development, etc.

    • Note: An initial Private Coaching Call is required to get acquainted before any discussion of Advisory Board roles or investment. This is simply a filtering mechanism to demonstrate that you’re serious. There is no risk and I’m happy to refund your money if I can’t help you.

Also online are these other services I run that may be helpful:

  • MasterMinds Forum: Since 2009 I've run an online forum for readers of my books worldwide at This basic text-based forum will allow you to post questions and interact directly with me. This costs just $39/month for 24/7/365 access to years of archives and my personal attention.

  • Business Plan & Investor Deck Reviews: If you’d like me to review your investor presentation or business plan, I’ll go through it to make recommendations for improvement. These generally include suggestions about strategy, wording, go-to-market, business model, valuation, and how to best position your venture for success. Visit and $299 will get you the personal expert feedback you need to help find investment funding from venture capital firms and angel investors.

  • If you want my expert opinion on your website, visit I'll make a personalized video review of your website discussing ways you can improve its strategy, design, SEO, sales conversions, usability, etc. $295


If initial Private Coaching Call conversations go well, usually they lead to further discussions or a F2F lunch.

If there is mutual interest, discussion of Advisory Board or other roles may follow in exchange for a small equity stake in the company and my long term support. Alternatively, $1000 for one month of casual back and forth emails and strategy coaching phone calls is sometimes appropriate.

So there you go. I'm sorry if this seems rather impersonal.

Because of the popularity of my books and my regular attendance at live events, I need ways to filter and organize my schedule at scale. These options are the best solution I’ve found.

Please don’t be put off. I'd be happy to help you and your startup if we see each other at an event or if you can fit into my workflow as outlined above.

Best regards,

Scott Fox

p.s. If none of those options work for you, contact my office here.