If these links don't help answer your question, just send me an email below!

If these links don't help answer your question, just send me an email below!

Thanks for your interest in connecting.

I look forward to learning how we can help you.  Here are some of my most popular services that you might be looking for:

  1. Get the Books:  If you haven't already, read my books!  They can change your life by giving you a whole new perspective on your career and how you can achieve what most matters to you.
    1. Click Millionaires
    2. e-Riches 2.0
    3. Internet Riches
  2. Join my MasterMinds Forum Online:  For 24/7 strategy, brainstorming, product development, financing, and marketing support, come take a Free Trial of our friendly online community.  I'll help you personally to develop your own e-business where ever you are in the world.
  3. Attend my Master Minds Group Meetings in Orange County and Los Angeles, California.  If you are in OC or LA, we can work together face to face.
  4. Business Plan & Presentation Review Service:  If you'd like a professional review of your business plan, investor presentation, or fundraising deck, I can review it for you here.
  5. Improve your Website:  I'll personally review your website to help you improve your sales, visitor conversions, usability, SEO, and more.  Get your own Expert Website Review Video here.
  6. Get Free Press & Radio Interviews:  Raise your publicity profile by getting interviews on radio shows and podcasts, or listing yourself for speaking opportunities and media interviews in the Interview Guests Directory.  
  7. Call Me!  We can talk in a Private Coaching Call to help you figure out your next steps, direction, and what your best course of action should be.  

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Thanks for your interest in working together.  Profits from these efforts go to charity!

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